Tie Kinetic Flow verses 1 EDI Source HQ

I have been reviewing both products as a replacement for our EDI solution. This would be supported as a managed Service and not on premise as we don’t have the resources right now. We are in the process of migrating to Epicor 11 also. Both appear to be valid products and I have used 1 EDI previous but some years back and it was good.

I know TK was the previous preferred vendor for Epicor and now since they bought 1 EDI Source that is. I am concerned that FLOW is a new product and how refined is it. Place more of my eggs in the Epicor basket does not excite me but knowing it can have a tighter integration or at least should is appealing and as a small shop we have one place to go.


Hi John,

We use DICentral as an EDI service. They do the communication with the partner and send us XML and vice-versa. They also do the testing with the partner to make sure everything works before launch. My co-worker does most of the interaction with them but it’s a lot easier than running your own EDI software in house.

Thanks Mark. So how long have you been with DI Central? We where looking at them and when I was asking about Epicor integrations then never had someone for me so I did not want to be a newbie with them.

We are a 2 person team so my co-worker would be 1st to deal with them. Then me.

We are not looking to have it inhouse but for the provider to manage it.

Thanks again for sharing your experience .

Ah, you want the whole enchilada.

What transactions sets? Which industries?

Tool and parts in a distribution model. mostly 810,850,855,856, 940 and 945 to support the business and then a handful for waht each account uses such as homedepot, lowes, amazon and Ace.

so some 832, 870, 864,860, 812, and 820.

So we would run the testing with the TP and EDI Partner. We would initiate the call and then let them handle the specs and mapping and when they have it work with them on any tweaks we need (most times not many but with HD they have a number of discounts they want to track on the order and we need to send back on the invoice so I use a UD field for that as I dont see a way of having multiple discounts on an order).

WE have this currently with SPS but limited in their services without paying a hefty fee. DI has a nice offering and so does TIE and 1 EDI Source. So in the decision process I was curious the experience others have had.

So is DI converting the orders from EDI to app for you or are you consuming an XML file? Are you using Demand Workbench for processing or another form? IS DI performing validations or is that Epicor?

Are the mapping for the RDD file export or another form for outbound?

Are you using any 3PL’s and thus a 940 and 945 file?

Thanks Mark for you insight.


I have to say I’m curious on that also @Mark_Wonsil, what say ye?

DICentral is just doing translation services and validating the structure of the document. They also perform testing with the trading partner. They claim to have an Epicor Integration (whatever that means) but we just download the files (XML or JSON).

BTW, DiCentral was recently acquired by TrueCommerce, so there may be other capabilities.

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We use misc charges as negative for multiple discounts on an order. This way we are able to use the built in Epicor features of Epicor. And yes we also deal with Home Depot, Lowes and a few other EDI cutomers.

We have been using Commport for the last more than 10 years. They maintain the maps and do the file conversions.

We had looked at both True Commerce and Di central and decided to go with 1 EDI Source. True Commerce was also showing us their own shipping system (that honestly was not have bad if someone was looking for one). In the end of the evolution we felt 1 EDI Source was the right fit for us.

For home depot we use a UD field store the codes and percent ad then use those values when we create the invoice. I do like the idea of Misc Charge through nice way of support it @Vinaykamboj

@Vinaykamboj When you mean maps for convert do you mean taking the EDI output file generated from the Epicor Report style?

The EDI output file generated from Epicor Report Style is used by Commport to map it to respective fields as per the customer requirements. The output file is transferred to them by FTP.

We are only responsible for making sure that all the data exists in the Epicor output file, and the order of fields does not change. With the RDD now being possible to maintain as excel file making changes to the output file are very easy to maintain.

Vinay Kamboj

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Thanks for the confirmation Vinay.

We just signed up to get 1EDI Source through Epicor but don’t have any experience with it yet.

I would recommend using Epicor EDI (formerly known as 1EDISource). We have had great success migrating our former Tie commerce customers over to Epicor EDI.
(Obligatory Disclaimer: I am giving this advice as an Epicor Employee who is a Sr Principal Product Manager reporting to the EDI Team. That probably does shape my opinion slightly, but I still believe this is the right choice.)
One thing about utilizing both Epicor Kinetic and Epicor EDI is that we are always keeping both sides of the system integrated and in sync with each other. Using 3rd parties could result in delays in upgrading either of those solutions.

I would add to tim’s comments is to make sure you have your inhouse resources ready to keep the process moving.

We are testing with customers now and once I have the first 20 over I have another 20 that where supported by SPS commerce fulfillment and want them integrated.

Just curious if you moved forward with 1EDI?

Is anyone using the 820? Worked with 1EDI for supplier EDI and currently with customer EDI and looking for information on anyone using FEDI. Assuming that is just the 810/820???

Thanks in advance,


First we are moving along with 1 EDI source for everything.

Second we are just about to complete the first round of EDI integration which is for customers (850,856,810 re integrated and portal for 855 - in the future we will integrate that) .

Third we are also dealing with Financial integration where we send ACH/WIRE/CHECK data. To support this from Epicor we have 3 BAQ that are scheduled to be sent weekly. 1 EDI Source then mapped those files to the standards with the bank.

Let me know if I can help with anything else.