Tie multiple BAQs together?


I'm trying to get an export (or report) of invoiced for a defined date range. Because of the information needed, I've created three BAQs that have everything I need. I would like to tie these together via the InvoiceNum. I'm stuck at trying to tie these BAQs together. I need all of the invoice information from all three BAQs in the date range for my report.

Here is what I've tried so far:
Dashboard publish/subscribe - InvcHed is OK but the subscribe only show what is selected in the publisher.

Looked at ExecDashboard - Way to complicated for what I need or have time to maintain.

VB.net pass of InvoiceNum from form to form - This seems like the easiest solution because I can use the datacolumn from InvcHed to filter in the InvcDtl and last BAQ. Problem: I can't figure out how to get at the form name so I can get to the datacolumn. The tracker form looks like this "91a16c49-2baf-4cad-b5ca-f69748fee0af" but how do I get the summary form name?