Time and Expense Resource Suggestion

I am looking for suggestions on how to make it so the default Resource in the Time and Expense menu stays blank. Most of the time it suggests the first Resource in the Resource group with is always wrong. It would be logical to drop in the Current User as the Resource, but I would settle for “Blank” and let the user pick their name from the drop down.

Has anyone done anything to customize that section?



Are you referring to when you are entering an Indirect Labor Type in Time & Expense Entry?
If so, the Resource Group & Resource can default to the reporting Employee’s Resource Group & Resource set in Employee Entry under the Production tab.

So when I enter Indirect, Epicor does cough up the right Resource right off the bat. I would love for this to happen for the Production Labor Type as well. It seems like Epicor grabs the first Resource in the Group.
We don’t schedule our individual Resources to Operations, we just use the Resource Group as a pool of workers that can submit hours to the Op.

Do your ResourceID’s = EmployeeID’s?

There are a few exceptions, but in the groups we really care about ResourceID = EmployeeID.

Are those resource groups or resources that would you want to behave this way all belong to a certain Resource Type?

No Resource Types have been setup. To us a Resource is always a person.

What I am thinking is that you could create a BPM that would set the Resource to the Employee ID… but you might want to put a condition on that of some sort if there are cases where that would not work.
In the same type of BPM you should be able to set the Resource value to null or nothing.
You would want to run a Trace while creating the labor record to determine which Method sets the Resource… in a Test DB.
Are familiar with writing BPM’s and how to run a Trace?

Thanks Rick! I just needed a suggestion on how to proceed, and I wanted to see if this had been done before. This gives me enough to get going!