Time and Expense

Does anyone understand how Epicor closes Time and Expense records? It seems like ours automatically close every night, but I can not see that there is anything asking it to do that. We would like to go in the following morning and approve them.

By closed I assume you mean approved?

see if this gets you what you want.


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Craig beat me to it. But for what it’s worth, those options aren’t available in our installation. I believe it requires the Expense Approvals module (not sure of the exact module name).

I dont know what module opens it up either. and Ive never seen a list from epicor of what modules open what functionality.

Does anyone know if such a list exists?

I’ve never seen anything general – only specific details when I’ve asked about a particular module or some functionality. I pulled up our list of Modules and it looks like there are 2: Time Management and Expense Management. I’m guessing Time Management is what handles these options.

I dont have expense management, but I have time management. There is also Advanced Job Management. Good chance its Time management that opens it up. But could be Advanced job management.

We have Advanced Production if that’s what you mean by Advanced Job Management, so it must be Time Management.

Yes i meant advanced production.
ok we figured out 1 module’s functionality through process of elimination. Who’s starting the list?
Only 100+ more modules to go. :laughing:

Not to mention the fields that require 2+ modules to all be installed to function (Equipment Inspection and Calibration plans requiring Maintenance Management and Enhanced Quality, for example).

Back to the question at hand, though. @StuartP – if you have the Time Management Module, you can use the options Craig pointed out so that labor entries require approval before being submitted. If you don’t have the module, you may be able to set up a Method Directive BPM on Labor.Update to check if a labor entry is being closed from MES and to un-approve it after it’s submitted. You’d need to be careful with this, though. A lot of other tables are touched when labor is entered and approved, so you need to make sure to follow the correct process calls in order for it all to match up correctly.

Thanks everyone for the help. We do not have the Time and Expense module. Does anyone know without that how the system approves the time we record as we do jobs?

It’s auto approved when they clock out of a LaborDtl. You would have to do some tracing and figure out what is firing when that happens and try to skirt them back out of approved in a post processing BPM or something.

So, one of the issues we have is that most times we can recall the transaction the same day that it is completed, but other times we can’t. Supervisors go in and look at the records at the end of the shift and sometimes they can recall and fix a mistake and other times they can’t…