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We have implemented the Multiple Level Approval for Time & Expense Management. We have set the full environment refer to attached file. But approval is not working fine. No entries are visible to second level approver after approving by first approver. Time and expense entries are appearing Partially Approved.


Dear experts, We have remove all the setup and did all setup from starting. After that approval sequence is working fine. But when both approvers have approved the Time Detail Entry, still entry status is appearing Partially Approved.

Could any one help us to fill this gap?

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if you entered Partially phase time and operation not completed then it will show

Dear Surendrapal, When first approver will aprove the time or expense detail. Then the entry status will update to Partial Approved. When supervisor will approve the time or expense detail, then status will be update to Approved.

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Our Company is totally fed up with epicor because neither epicor team support or epiusers have any answers for some queires which we have raised.

As a consultant it is your job to provide most of these answers :slight_smile:

Epiusers is a user driven forum, we don’t work for you or your company we do the best we can for free with the time have… Sorry to be blunt, but if you are “fed up” perhaps its time to pay someone for help

Dear josecgomeez, we are techinical consultant not functional. First of all I am not blaming Epiusers. I never said you and your teams works for me or my company. Second thing how many times we will pay to functional consultant?

Hi @Hari_Dutt ,

@josecgomez is right, it is not about Epicor, you can take any system, if you don’t have proper knowledge, should learn or hire someone who has the knowledge. last thing you said how many time you have paid to consultants, if you need to improve process then you have to pay, it is your company investment.

keep post your query someone will reply(“don’t expect immediately reply”) once they have time.

Surendra Pal

Dear @surendrapal,

Everyone has their own views and no one can dissuade anyone from having their own views. I know that, I am not a functional consultant. I am trying to learning the Multi Level Approval for Time & Expense Entry using below mentioned link

But main concern is that, after implementing same thing system should not work properly. When the second level Approver approves the Time or Expense detail. Still the Time or Expense detail status is appearing Partially Approved. After that we looked into the Approvals tab no one user is appearing in Pending Approval By tab refer to below screen

Is this Epicor Bug ?

It might be a good idea to get formal training through Epicor University. That way you will have contact with someone who knows the module enough to teach you how to resolve these.

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which version currently you are using?

If you are using the system as intended and still can’t get it to function properly. It could be a bug. Epicor support is hard headed when it comes to reporting bugs. I have spent weeks on a case for them to finally admit it is a bug. I would keep after support and escalate your ticket if you are not getting results.

Dear @Kimberley, I have resolved this issue after long time. It’s not a bug. Epicor functionality is working fine. If you entering Time and Expense for Projects, You must have to select the workflow group in Project Entry under Time and Expense sheet. After that it will work fine.

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Good to know! Nice!

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