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Dear Experts, Time & Expense Entry while Copy Selection and Paste Insert the Time Detail under list system is throwing error “Invalid Job Operation Sequence.”

Could you please suggest, how to upload multiple Time Details using excel format or copy paste option?

I often see a grid field that displays the “Description” for the field value, but when pasting, you need to use the ID of the field.

For example, in Order Entry, the Line->List grid has a column for Product Group. I have a PG with the ID “CABL”, and description “Cable”. I need the clipboard contents to hold “CABL”, not “Cable”

So you might need to paste that line into excel, and then change any fields that show the description to the ID.

When I’m Paste Insert-ing records into manufacturing jobs, I get no errors.
But when I do the same for Project jobs, I get the same error. I was just seeing this today.

What I noticed is that my Excel columns don’t have the WBS Phase:

Like Calvin said you have to personalize the Detail List Grid to add that column - LaborDtl.PhaseID

Dear ckrusen, I did same but Time detail line not inserting. Please find below the excel format.

T&E-1.xlsx (9.1 KB)

When I create a new Time Detail, The first choice to make is the Labor Type (Indirect, Project, Production, Service, etc…)

If I select Project, The project section’s fields are enabled and the Production’s fields are disabled.

And vice versa when I select Production.

Should you have values in both?

Choosing the Project/Phase, it automagically fills in the Job (WBS Job) for you so you don’t have the ability to choose the other fields. Project jobs (Type = J) don’t use the other Production Job fields.

Your excel data doesn’t have a column titled “Project Phase”

I would also try re-arranging the columns in the list view, putting the project related fields (ProjectID, Project Phase, and Opr) first, and only trying to paste those

Hi All,

Thank you for your support & ideas. As per your suggestions, I did some changes in excel (refer to attached format) and uploaded successfully.

Time & Expense File Upload.xlsx (9.0 KB)