Time Phase - Adding Sub-Assembly Demand (Kinetic)

I’m creating this post just to show details of this customization. It was asked about in a different thread, but I didn’t want to take away from the OP’s question/issue (which was unrelated)…

For those familiar with Time Phased Inquiry, you’ll know that it only shows demand for job materials, or Parts being produced as a top-level assembly. It does NOT show parts being produced as lower-level assemblies. This always seemed lacking when you wanted to see the full demand for a particular part.

I created the below customization (in Kinetic) in case anybody wants the details.

This is the end result… Kinetic Time Phase form with an added grid showing “Subassembly Demand”.

In this example, the part itself had (0) on-hand quantity and (0) demand, according to the base Time Phase. But, with the new added grid, you can see Qty (4) of this part was actually going through production as subassemblies on (2) different jobs for (2) different customer orders.

Created a pretty simple BAQ:

I included OrderHed & Customer so, if a sub-assembly was being produced for a customer order, I could see the customer’s CustID & Name in the results. JobProd has the OrderNum, but I had to bounce through OrderHed to get link the Customer table to get that info.

Below are the Display Columns:


I created the Calculated_MakeToType field so I could see if the sub-assembly was being made as part of a stock job, or a customer order. Basically, if the OrderNum > 0, then it was for an order… otherwise it was a stock job.


The rest I did in Kinetic (App Studio).

Added a new Layer to Time Phase Inquiry

Added a new BAQ DataView to pull in my BAQ results.


Added the new Panel Card Grid.

Properties > Grid Model

Set Ep Binding to the name of the new DataView

Properties > Grid Model > Provider Model

Linked it to the BAQ

Properties > Grid Model > Provider Model > BAQ Options > Where List

These settings filter the grid results:

Part_PartNum = ‘?{KeyFields.PartNum}’
JobAsmbl_JobComplete = false
JobAsmbl_AssemblySeq <> 0

… because “0” level assemblies are already picked up by the Out-of-the-Box Time Phase.




Then I went back to add the columns I wanted to see in the final grid:

Properties > Grid Model > Columns

Just need to add “Field” and “Title” for each:

Repeat for each column you want to include in the grid.

I THINK that was it. Hope this is useful to others.