Time Phase Performance


I am hitting serious performance issues on time phase for parts that have very long lead times.

These parts generate over 1000 time phase entries and can take up to 90 seconds to return.

I rebuild the indexes every week and this has no impact.

I posted the same question on the user group and the reason is that time phase calculates the running total for every entry, but alas, no suggestions as to how to fix it.

Any ideas greatly appreciated.



When facing problems with viewing the actual on hand quantity of materials for entries scheduled far out, I find that this method works best:

  1. Open part tracker and go to the “Warehouse” tab.
  2. Take note of the material quantity required for desired entry in question.
  3. Subtract the “Total Demand Qty” from the “Qty On Hand”.
  4. Then add the recorded material quantity from step 2 to the “Qty On Hand”. This will give you the actual quantity on hand.

Essentially you are taking out the demand of all other entries from the on hand quantity and adding in the amount for the entry in question, giving you the quantity on hand before the material is taken out for the entry in question.

That will go down well with the purchasing department :slight_smile:

You could automate every bit of that suggestion using a customization.

It is the forward planning functionality that time phase gives, rather than actual on hand quantity.

I’ve raised a call with Epicor, so will update when I get their response.

Did you ever get a response from Epicor on this?