Time Phase Promise Date

Hello, my company is in E9, but upgrading to E10 shortly. One of the issues purchasing is having is that in time phase only due date is called out and they would like to know if there is any way it can have promise date in there as well.

  1. Is there a way to add this? I checked collection and it wasn’t an option there.

  2. Is this still an issue in E10?

Hi Diane, this probably isn’t possible without customization. Promise Date is also not shown in Time Phase in E10 or Kinetic. I think this is because it doesn’t really have an impact on the Epicor system’s schedule, it is really only for reference.

Hi Diane,

We are on E10.1.600. A post processing bpm on go process timephase that takes over unused columns to show data you desire has worked well for us and is fast. Here are a couple of posts about it.