Time Phase - Shipped from Job

Why don't we want quantities shipped from a job reduced from the jobs
"Pending Receipts" quantity in time phase? Some body must like this for some
reason, I'm trying to figure out why? I would prefer it subtracted? The job
is for 100, we ship 70 from the job, we transfer 20 to stock, you would
think pending receipts would be the remaining 10? It shows 80? What good is
the accumulation column with 80 added in? I want time phase to reflect the
second a shipment or transfer to inventory is completed not when someone
gets around to closing a job. Jobs don't close as fast as they use to now
that I have added the quality module and have small quantities remaining in
inspection processing. Yada, Yada, Yada.

Patrick J. Winter
Information Services Manager
sSc Specialty Screw Corporation
Vantage 4.00.901
Another ProVision Modification