Time Phase showing completed job where all manufactured parts were taken to stock

I’ve seen posts on material requirements still showing in Epicor Time Phase for completed jobs but I haven’t seen any posts on manufactured parts that were all taken to stock still showing in Time Phase and giving an incorrect balance. I have a job that was completed earlier today but it’s showing in Time Phase as if it hasn’t been completed (even though it has a Job Status of Complete):

The 423 pieces on hand are part of what was received to stock from Job 085876 on 6/4 (63 pieces were issued to another job) so the balance is not correct and probably messing up MRP for this part.

I reran MRP for this part, but it didn’t change anything

Any ideas??

I would look at the job and make sure it was received and closed properly.

I scoured the job for any sign of issues prior to posting. This job is clean; material issued, labor recorded and no nonconformances. It was completed properly and timely.

Full regen MRP ran early this morning and nothing has changed. I opened a support ticket at Epicor; will see what they have to say.

Keep me posted. You’re a great resource, and if you can’t figure it out, I am very interested in what you find out.

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