Time Stamp

I’m looking to track the time someone prints the shipping label, not just the date.

How are you getting the date currently? I quickly reviewed the data definition and did not see a print date, just an ASN print date. I did see a changedate and changetime. If the system is updating these records at print then you have a change time you just have to convert it to 24 hour time from an integer.

Currently we just use the ship date. But the supervisor wants a time stamp for when the labels are printed. I told her that would take some doing. After I looked I saw the same things, but nothing else. Been playing around with those numbers and nothing what we are looking for. Thinking I may need to do some customization of some sort to make this happen.

If none of these fields work, then you could add a custom field to the different ship tables if you use different types. Then, in a BPM you could update the field when printed if there is a method called for printing.

Custom field was what I was considering. Need to check on the method used for printing out in Shipping. Thanks!

Put the Status field in the Change log and that would stamp when the
packslip was freighted but wouldn’t help on reprints of the label. There
may be a BPM method you could catch for printing to time stamp the change
log table so it’s all in one log.

@Randy I am not for sure how that is done. Where can I go to learn how this is done? That sounds like it would work.

Change Logs are done via a Data Directive BPM. They are pretty easy to
setup and I think the ICE Tools download from EpicWeb covers it.