[ Tips & Tricks ] Epicor Kinetic Dark Mode

Get Epicor Kinetic in Dark Mode with the Chrome Extension called Dark Mode. It comes with various dark mode themes and customization options, and can be toggled on the fly. This will only work when using the browser.

Chrome Extension Download


There are plenty of options to tweak your dark experience, and you can toggle it on the fly (on & off).


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I find you “Dark Mode Obsessionists” … disturbing. :rofl:

You could always rock Dark Purple. :muscle:

@bconner this is a good example how Theming can be made possible via Extension, rather than codebase. I may just work on a Extension to Customize Kinetic, Replace the Logo (Brand it).

It’ll be amazing once you go full browser. Alot of possibilities for plugins.



Smoke…on the water! :musical_note:

Oh, sorry, you said Dark Purple.


I personally use dark reader for this which also works reasonably well. There are also some solid accessibility plugins that can help you further if you need higher contrast, etc (or your built in os overrides)


Purple Haze … All in my brain :guitar:

“Dark Mode” is just the pendulum at one end of is cycle…

1970’s - Time shared minicomputers with all data on a central server, terminals merely present the data. Monitors were black with green (or amber) text and graphics

1980’s - personal computers with everything thing you do stored in that box on your desk. Limited networking (with sneaker net being the most prolific). Monitors still black backgrounds with light text and graphics

1990’s - 2010’s - Better networking (especially with the internet), most programs and data still reside on your workstation. WYSIWYG and GUI made the monitors look like the real world with black or colored text and graphics on a white background.

2020’s - programs and data reside on a central server (cloud), with the App doing little more than acting to present the data and interface with the server. And now backgrounds are returning to dark colors, with text and graphics in light colors.

Give me Epicor in a phosphorus green 80x25 UI!

That was the 2nd one I planned to try.

I got new glasses a couple of weeks ago… and they’re THE SAME ONES MY DAD HAD WHEN I WAS LITTLE.

What goes around…

Like vinyl records?


still got some of those too…

This is for you people.

I think you meant, Dark “Commode”