TO Ship Comments

By reading the help files it looks like the Ship Comments from the Transfer Order Entry should populate on the TO pack slip. it is not populating and i entered a field on the TO Pack Slip screen and bound it to TFOrdHed.ShipComment but nothing still diplays. I have done this a million times and never had problems. What am I missing or is this a known bug?

I am guessing an issue…Epicor hasn’t responded either.

I am trying to set a BPM to pull the ship comments over. It is not working. I am not that great with ABL code can someone please look at this and let me know it any good.

for each ttTFshipDtl where ttTFShipDtl.Company = CUR-COMP no-lock:
for first TFOrdHed where TFOrdHed.Company = ttTFShipHead.Company and TFOrdhed.TFOrdNum = ttTFShipDtl.TFOrdNum no-lock:
ttTFShiphead.ShipComment = TFOrdHed.ShipComment.