Toggle JobFirm with BO

Hello, I want to toggle automatically Firm on a job proposed by MRP process in order to modify it’s revision with code before it gets released. I check the trace log from two options.

The first one was by firming the job in the Job Status Maintenance screen and the second one was from the JobEntry screen.

The log was cleared and all I did in both situations was toggling the Firm status. The Dataset Parameter in both BOs have the JobNum Prefixed with MRP before the update and the returned Datasets have the good JobNum.

It seems like there is something that is happening in the background that isn’t logged in the client log. Should I check the Server log?

I tried many combinations but no one seems to work. A clue anyone?




That’s what I need to accomplish:

Typically you have to unengineer the job first.

It is already marked as Engineered @Chris_Conn

Yes, you need to unengineer, save, then make your changes, then re-engineer and save.

Engineered is greyed out, I know I can do my changes once it is Firmed. Maybe that’s what you meant?

I suppose it makes sense. MRP is suggesting a job with a certain rev - it doesnt want you to change it apparently. You may have to put your logic in at the point where the job is firmed.

Yes I thought of that possibility. However It’s a bit more complicated.
@Chris_Conn Let me explain you a bit more, the part in question is custom. Depending on the parameters inputted in the part configuration, the revision is supposed to change. So the problem now resides in the fact that the MRP process is scheduled at night and right after there is another process of “Material buying prediction” (something like that) which needs the right revision to be accurate. That is why I need to apply my logic to change the revision automatically.

My other option is the create many parts with the most accurate revision without being modified and then changed it after it gets firmed manually as you say. But I have it will surely affect some reports.