Tool Calibration

Is anyone tracking Tool Calibration in E10? If so what modules are you using and how is it working?

I’m anxious to see who else replies on this because my customers had to repurpose a UD table to store tools, calibration dates, and calibration history.

Yes, using the UD table to store calibration data.

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It seems that the Maintenance Module could work. If your calibration is time-based then you enter the tooling as Equipment and set up a PM schedule. If it’s usage-based, you would make the PM Meter based. I haven’t done it but it seems possible. One benefit would be the maintenance jobs would give you a history of calibration and track the costs if sent out for calibration.


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I have setup one client with the Maintenance Module for Calibrations, and it worked pretty well.
You can create Equipment Records with all the details, Mfg, Make, model, year purchased, Specification notes, Comments, and the ability to define equipment parent/child relationship.
At least at the time to use calibrations you had to own the Maint & Enhanced QA module since the Calibration depends on an Inspection Plan and a Specification. Only other downside at the time was that there wasn’t a built in way to set calibration frequency (though it does keep track of last calibration date) and no way to then know when a calibration was due. To accomplish this I just added a UD Integer field on the Equipment table for frequency and a Dashboard that would show Equipment due for calibration and coming due (say next 90 days). This ended up working quite well and for the IOS audits they were quite happy with the record keeping.

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We recently purchased the maintenance module and enhanced quality. I am getting ready to set this up. Our consultants recommended using a regular maintenance plan to execute calibrations. This allows us to use a maintenance plan to schedule the calibrations. However, we lose the use of the “Last Calibration Date” field.

I’m interested in a comparison between the 2 approaches.
If I set a calibration inspection plan on the equipment record, where do I execute it? On a maintenance job? If so, can’t I combine the 2 approaches and set a maintenance plan with a template job that uses the calibration inspection plan?

The Calibration Process is covered in the Enhanced Quality Assurance Course Guide, it has it’s own section.
Basically, you have to:

  • Create Inspection Attributes
  • Create Specifications
  • Create the Calibration Plan
  • Setup the Inspection Configurator for the Calibration Plan.
  • Assign the Calibration Plan & Spec to the Resource\Equipment
  • Enter Calibration Inspection into 'Inspection Results Entry’
  • Review the results in the Inspection Data Tracker.
  • Note the Last Calibration Date field updates in Resource\Equipment Entry

We are trying to set calibration up as well. We have the maintenance module but do NOT have enhanced quality. Our plan currently is to add a UD field to the equipment maintenance screen to hold the last calibration date and then using the frequency on the maintenance plan tab have the next execute date serve as the calibration due. We have a dashboard that was deployed as part of our Cre8tive A&D bolt on that we will rip apart and rebuild with our UD rather than the Enhanced quality field. Fingers crossed it works as planned.