Toolbar missing from form

I have one user who uses a particular dashboard that we have created. For some reason the entire toolbar has gone missing from the top of the form. And not just the toolbar but everything above the name of the form. No toolbar, no File, Edit, Tools, Actions, Help, and even the Maximize, Minimize, and close buttons are gone. This is only for this single user and only on this form. Any ideas what may be going on here?

Check to see if he has a personalization set on that dashboard.

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So not even the window’s title bar? Have them use the Base Layouts.

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They did have a personalization. Deleted it and still no luck.

When they rest the layout to base the entire screen turns blank. Even stranger is that in our Test environment, which I updated 2 days ago, when I sign in as that user the screen looks normal.

Clear the client cache on that PC.
(I’m pretty sure the different environments keep the cached files separated)

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So after deleting the personalization, clearing the cache, and then purging all of their personalizations the screen finally reverted back to normal. Thanks to all for the assistance.