TraceData txt files

epicor version 9.05.701

i have come across a lot of “tracedata” txt files which have been building up for some time and impacting the server performance.
I think (but not sure) these files are created from when a user clicks the trace button to capture the method directives used etc in a process?

My question is, how do you turn this off for all users that have permissions to trace as i don’t know who is creating these txt files.

Good question… would be nice but I don’t think E9 includes any settings to control tracing.

I’ve run into disk space issues myself so ended up doing a couple things
1.) Added deletion of trace files to my maintenance routine
2.) Scheduled a batch file to run each night and alert if disk space used goes over a target value.
(C:\ProgramData\Epicor\log\ on my system)

Not perfect but…

Tracing can be enabled “on-demand”, or can be configured to start automatically (on a user by user basis) when the user logs in.

The second one is in User Security.