Track Down Purge WIP to Cost of Sales 10.0.700.4

What is the best way to track down the source of the “Purge WIP to Cost of Sales” and “Purge WIP to Variance” numbers? I have a basic understanding of why they are generated but would like to be able to find the exact reason to find out if they are just cleaning up the job cost or procedures not being followed.

The purge WIP reference is a summary of the posting after you run the
Capture COGS process

You run the WIP reconciliation report where posted = true to find the
transactions behind the purge wip references

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If you need more detail on the transactions you can also use GL’s Chart Tracker (in 9.05.701, not sure about E10). Enter a GL account that’s been updated thru WIP capture, then use the Transaction Detail tab. After retrieving the transactions for a period, use the Cost Transactions tab to retrieve the part transactions, labor detail, or invoice detail making up the WIP capture entry. This works for us as we capture WIP monthly. If WIP is captured more often, you can use the system date to narrow down the entry. You can right-click into parts, jobs, POs, etc. for complete details.


Thank you both for your input. Those are the tools I have been using and just wanted to make sure there wasn’t something else I was missing.