Tracking GL Activity from Incorrectly Closed PO

In August, an employee accidentally received in the remaining balance of an “Other” PO for 100 pieces, when only 25 pieces arrived. The total cost hit our general ledger, and we closed the August period. During September we found this error, and the plant manager unreceived in the 75 pieces. I ran the Inv/WIP Reconciliation report for unposted activity, but didn’t see an offsetting credit. Can anyone tell me where I should see the offset or if I need to do an adjusting JE?

Not sure how you ‘unreceived’ them, but we usually do a DMR in this case. Add a nonconformance for those 75 pieces and reject that in inspection processing. Finally, reject the DMR generated by the inspection earlier and return it to the supplier. You can add debit memo there to correct the GLs.