Tracking On Hand MRO part numbers

We need to track on hand quantities for non-inventory part numbers - expensed items called out in BOMS. I can turn the quantity bearing flag on but PO receipts do not increase the quantity on hand. The items create PUR-UKN transactions when received.

Has anyone successfully tracked non-inventory items?


If Qty Bearing is false the system will not track the part qtys.

Have you already checked that Qty Bearing is set to true on the Site (Plant) sheet in part maintenance?
I’ve seen some confusion when Qty Bearing it is only set to true on the main detail sheet
but… set to false on the site sheet(s)?

Hi Bruce,

I double checked this as you suggested and the qty bearing box is checked in both places. I can manually add in a qty via an inventory adjustment and this qty is tracked. But it will not add in a quantity from a PO receipt, I am assuming because it creates a PUR-UKN transaction. I am looking for a way around this or a better way to set up MRO items maybe???

I was hoping someone out there had already figured this out.



Type PUR-UKN, should not make any difference, system should still start tracking qtys.
Did you try creating a new PO after Qty Bearing was set/verified on the part master?

Or maybe you can provide more details on the record transactions, screenshots of the PO Rel and Receipt?

I created a new PO. Epicor made me assign an approved supplier before I could create one for this part number.

I am now getting this error message. I created one PO leaving the flag set as inventory. The account number on the release was correct for the expensed item so I thought this would work.

I received the PO and ran the Inv/WIP Reconciliation report. The amounts received posted to the raw material inventory account. I am not sure if this is a customization we have done here (to override the PO release account) or if it will always post this way with the inventory flag checked on the PO.

I will try to send you some print screens but I can only send one at a time.

Yeah, that is strange,
Try clicking on the Detail button in that error… might give a clue what is going on.
Otherwise might be a fishing expedition

  • turn on customization mode - load the base form(s) only
  • check for active BPMs
  • turn on tracing
  • etc…

And/or just in case…
Might try Clear Client Cache, log Off/On E9 and set up a PO again

  • buy to stock PO Rel - inventory should be counted
  • or maybe even buy to job?