Transaction Types

Does anyone know what the following transaction types are and how are they generated in the system?


Sorry, I don’t remember ever running into these.
Now I’m curious though… what else can you tell us about the PartTran records.

There are PUR types for purchasing and PLT for plant. Is it by chance one of them? If it is PLT, those are used during transfer orders between sites.


I don’t think these are related to PLT or PUR transactions. I am assuming they are minor manual move transactions, not like the major automated moves - PUR-STK (receiving receipt) or MFG-STK (manufacturing receipt). I just don’t know exactly how they are triggered in the system and exactly what happens with them…

Is there anything specific you are looking for? PartTran is a pretty big discussion…

A quick search of EpicWeb reveals:

  • PUT-MTL - Material putaway
  • PUT-WIP - WIP material putaway

Material Queue Processing

Mark W,


So this would be a queue for unused material when the manufacturing process has been completed…?

Can you run an Inventory/WIP Reconciliation report on just those transaction types to see what entries they’re making? That might give you a clue to what they’re for.

The only time I’ve ever had to use the queue manager was to delete records listed before an upgrade.
So have never seen any actual trans or their results.

We have yet to see these trans types appear in our history.

We are trying to use the queue more & more via our handheld devices. Now to find what triggers these moves? Maybe it is a selection in MES to return MTL during the completion of production? We will be doing some testing to see how it performs.