Transfer Balances process

First time using Epicor 10 at year-end. I closed the period and was told I needed to run the above process. However, when looking at the Implementation Guide, there is no guidance on what the different options accomplish. So…turning to you for help. :slight_smile:

Under Books - Transfer - Individual, By Fiscal Calendar or All Books. Under Years - Current to Next, Previous to Current or Custom.

Sure appreciate any and all help!


Does anyone else have any information on this process? What these options actually represent or is it largely arbitrary?

As an update: We just ran it as with the Individual option (previous period to Current). And it appears to have worked well. Hopefully this can help someone out in the future.

Been a couple of days since this was posted, but i am at Insights 2019 so a little busy. Anyway, here is the best explanation I can provide you.

The system maintains GL balances for future periods base on the settings in your book. The settings in your book can affect performance slightly according to Epicor. Anyway, depending on how these balances are maintained you have to run this process at the end of the FY. It is good to run this process regardless of your book settings IMO.

The books setting is basically telling the system which book or books to update the balances for. You can select a specific book (Individiual), or all books tied to a specific fiscal calendar (fiscal calendar) or all books (all books). As for Years the options are Current year (Current FY) to next year (Next FY), or Previous (Previous FY) to Current (Current FY) or custom you go pick something the past or in the future.

Seems simple enough but it really is based on timing. If your FY ended on 3/1/19 and you are running the process on 4/5/19 then you would use previous to current based on the active FY. If you are moving balances forward in March for April before April then it would be Current to Next. If you select custom then you can pick from any previous years or future years in the fiscal calendar selected.

I hope this helps, if you have other specific questions let me know, or if I confused you in anyway let me know and I will explain further.