Transfer data without customizations


Is there a way to transfer only the Epicor data from one environment to another one but without the customizations? We currently used 3 environments in our company (dev, stage, prod) and I would like to be able to transfer the data from prod to dev without the customizations because I have some customizations that are in development and does’nt exist in the prod environment.

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i do not think that you can do that, however some UI/BO/Process will work if it has not got any customization linked to it, if it is necessary for you to have recent data on your dev, then my advice to use solution manager and export your developments (BPM, Customizations, Dashboards, BAQ’s, UD fields, User Codes, BPM data Form Designer, or/and Menus, Process Calls ) from your dev/Test environment then restore it from prod, then import them back

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Thanks for your answer. Do you know if the customizations export process from solution manager can be automated? I’m trying to figure out how I can automate the data transfer between my environements and how I can automate the deployment process.

do you mean to run by itself, without user creating the solution items?

No. If the developers put their customizations into the solution workbench, it could be nice if I can create a script that automatically export the items from one environment and import them into another environment. So, if I want to transfert the data from my live environment into my dev environment, I will need to export the customizations from the dev solutions workbench, copy my live database, restore my dev database and re-import the customizations in it. Maybe the Epicor command line inteface can help me to achieve that. Thanks again for your comment, it pointed me in the good direction.

Good morning @jguertin007
i do not know if you can hard code such Epicor users activity, may be there is a way and i would love to know it, what i am sure about is using Service Connect to do this type of tasks, i have managed two projects involved using Epicor Service Connect App to do some thing similar in Sales and Scheduling, i had to analyse the task, check all effecting factors, different scenarios, and needed parameters, then asked a SC specialist to map it out and add the needed custom code, unfortunately i am not an expert in this Epicor additional Module/App, but i can say that it is using XML as source code as well as C#, and you need to identify a trigger and this trigger could be a button in Dashboard/ or any UI form, or a start/end of scheduled process on the task agent if you want it to be fully automated. just a point worth mentioning as you may already knows it, any new update/change/development in any Solution selected item wont be captured after creating the solution, so you need to be careful when deciding your trigger.

This can be done with SQL. The function you will need is the merge function. Once you have the script written to only update data on the tables you want you can set it as a stored procedure in the test environment and set a schedule to run it periodically so it will refresh only the data you want. Alternatively you could copy out the data you want from the tables holding the customization and merge them in after restore from production.