Transfer Orders need to be closed

So we have a large number of TO’s that have been shipped but where never closed (they never clicked the save button to trigger the close). I tried using the DMT to close the TO’s but can’t because is says “cannot update a shipped order” (so that makes no sense) anyone know of a conversion or fix that we can run to close TO’s. Right now the only way I know is to open each one and click save or forced is SQL which is not good practice.

Accounting has already been involved so they have all the cost variances figured out.

Thanks Kim

Data Fix for Change Request 3188BRK - EM SR Transfer order cannot be received and lines are open

PartDtl.records Delete with the type of “TO” which remain after the TO is closed


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We have already received and shipped…we just have to close them.

in 9.05.701 I have pre and post-processing methods set on an updateable BAQ that I use to mark transfer orders shipped and closed when they can’t be updated thru normal processing. It works fine for us.