Transferring Jobs from one site to another

Good Day

I am currently designing a service solution for a client. The scenario here is that a customer books in an item in Site A, however after inspection the item needs to be sent to Site B for work to be done. I need a way to transfer the job to Site B so that it may be accessed and worked on and can be potentially booked out from Site B

Any help will be appreciated

Hi Rehaan,

We have this occur sometimes too. We do not do job to job because I think we had problems with having the sending job NOT financially closed prior to sending and so we would always get a variance on the cost of the pump applied to the receiving job. Therefore, we make the sending job to inventory and then do a transfer order and receive to inventory and then issue to job in second site. Our testing had been on E9. IDK if something’s changed in E10 at all to make job to job across sites more palatable.