Transition to finite

We have been Epicor users since 2014, but we are now wanting to explore transitioning from infinite capacity to finite. I am having a difficult time setting it up in test. I go into “resource group maintenance” to check the “finite capacity” box and set the “finite horizon” at 30 days I then run the “generate shop capacity process” . I see no change to anything. It is still allowing the resource to be scheduled over-capacity. What am I missing?

Is it scheduling over capacity within the finite horizon? Just to confirm, are you checking “Finite Load” / “Run Finite Scheduling” before you run Global Scheduling or Process MRP?

Thanks for the reply. It is scheduling over capacity within the horizon. Where would I find “finite load /run finite scheduling”?

They’re parameters/check boxes on some modules that you can schedule with. (Global Scheduling, Process MRP, Job Entry Scheduling) How do you currently schedule jobs?

We use MRP and Job entry scheduling

Gotcha, I would check the MRP parameters then.

Well it looks like the job entry parameter is “Finite Capacity” and the global scheduling is “Finite Load”. Have you tried checking the finite capacity box on the job entry?

So, we would need to schedule every job as finite?

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In a sense. The finite scheduling will only apply to job operations where the resource is marked as finite. So a job could be both finitely/infinitely scheduled depending on how its operations resources are set up.