Trial Balance Report Configuration

Hi everyone,

I have a question related to the Trial Balance report in Epicor. How to configure the calculations on each GL number if there is an addition of a new GL number and pair the number into a Sales / Purchase process what will be like? And what effect does it have on transactions that have happened? Because I was very layman at Epicor I tried to find possible ways to help me but it still didn’t work. Maybe my friends here can help me solve my problem here.


anyone can help please.

Your question is not very clear, please elaborate with some example

Sorry for not clear question,

I want to understand how WIP/COS calculates COGS. Because I’m afraid there’s a problem with vendor customization. In the Epicor business process that runs on our system, there are 2 types of selling sources, the first is regular sales where we have to raise PO, Receipt goods, sell goods, and then deliver goods to customers. The second is consignment. This is the vendor customization. Where we sell goods first (Order entry), raise PO, receive goods, then deliver goods to customers.

I suspect a miscalculation is missing here. because in the trial balance report calculation why do we get high Sales but the COGS value is very low. Because it makes us over profit and based on other calculation we don’t get that high profit. How to trace the miscalculation error that is here?

I have matched it for Receipt goods and PO. and the results match. with existing sales and delivery goods are also match. How to find the calculation error? Maybe there’s a way I haven’t done it yet.

Thank you.

Thanks for elaboration, I would suggest to contact Epicor support team if you suspect any miscalculation. For other functional queries, you need to contact your Epicor implementor functional team to understand how they configured Epicor for you (like costing method setup, any PE changes etc.)