Trigger Set No Count OFF error while inserting huge data into Epicor

Dear All,

I am trying to integrate date from one application to Epicor using BO Methods. It is successfully integrated if transaction lines are less. But if I am trying to add thousands of lines in GLJrnDtlMnl then System throws an error some times as below.
It is failed in between for one or some of the line randomly, but for next iteration of failed line is successfully integrated.
A trigger returned a resultset and/or was running with SET NOCOUNT OFF while another outstanding result set was active

Can anyone please help me to resolve this issue.

Thanks in Advance…

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I’m getting the same error when running a DLL in an schedule on System Agent where we are creating and updating records in UD01 table, this happens in our customer environment, in ours everything runs successfully. If anyone had the same issue let us know please a workaround to solve it.