TRIM is not a recognized built-in function name

I am recklessly upgrading a test server to K21 or E11, etc. On the conversion stage I got this rash of errors for the BAQs.

It’s very specific to three kinds of BAQs -

  • System queries (start with z)
  • Updatable BAQs
  • And ones an old consultant made in 2017 and I couldn’t care less if they all disappeared

Also, I almost never use TRIM().

Anyone else seen this?

Is that in the BAQ? Open the BAQ and look for the TRIM statement. Maybe its in a BAQ that isn’t used.

What version of MS SQL SERVER are you running?

TRIM() In SQL Server 2017 And Higher

TRIM() function is introduced in SQL Server 2017. In all the previous versions, we have only LTRIM() to remove the leading spaces from the string and RTRIM() to remove the trailing spaces. The newly introduced function can be used to remove the unwanted leading and trailing spaces from a string in one go. It can also be used to remove characters other than space from the beginning and ending of the string.

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I had the same issue messing with BPMs, thought I would test even though I am still on SQL 2016. Guess when they meant certified only with 2017 or 2019 they really meant it this time :slight_smile:


Key there is “recklessly.”

Yep, you are right, @mmcwilliams - I am still on SQL 2016. I did not even think about that.

And the support end date for that is in… three weeks.(7/13/21)

Okay! Time to factor that in!

EDIT: To be fair, @knash was completely right, too. I didn’t catch on at first.