Trouble with Updateable Dashboard

I thought this would be simple but things never are in the Epicor world. :slight_smile:

Business Need: The client needs the ability to manage certain PartLot items and mark them as Destroyed to signify that they no longer exist physically.

My thought was to add Destroyed_c and DestroyedDate_c to the PartLot table. From here, I built a BAQ that would grab only the PartLot rows with a specific PartNum, along with the LotNum and ExpirationDate that is prior to Today.

This BAQ works perfectly, showing me the expired items. Added the Destroyed_c field to the BAQ and turned on the Update. All looks great, with the exception that in Analyze, I have to double click the row, check the Destroyed_c, then save. The client will be destroying many at once and would like to just click a bunch checkboxes, Save and be done.

Unfortunately, in the dashboard itself, this checkbox is never editable, and the BAQ usage is not going to work.

Finally, if I can get the checkbox update working, I was planning on creating a data directive that if the row is updated and the value of Destroyed_c is true and the DestroyedDate_c is NULL, to set DestroyedDate_c to the current datetime. I figure this will automate this tracking for the users.

Now I know there’s 12 ways to skin a cat so I’m hoping someone could suggest something they did when they were posed with a similar task.

Thanks in advance for your time and effort.

On the Updateable tab of the BAQ, did you check the “Allow Multiple Dirty Rows”?
Also, it sounds like your dashboard isn’t setup for updatability or it isn’t deployed.

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  1. Make the dashboard grid updatable first.

  2. Make the filed as prompt to accept input.


Depending on the situation, you can either use Method directive or even Updatable BAQ Directives to trigger event to set the DestroyedDate_c. Simply use the Set Field Widget.

The way we do it is through the QA module and using the Non conformance and DMR route with a reason code of Destroyed and a separate GL for this reason. Epicore takes care of the rest.

The steps are as under:

  1. Raise a non conformance on inventory with a reason code of expired.

  2. Fail it in Inspection Processing with the same reason

  3. Fail it in DMR with the reason code of Destroyed. Reason code Destroyed has a separate GL, which gives the cost and provides an audit trail also.

Now all this could probably be automated using BPM BO widgets. We do not have enough volume of such cases to justify spending time of creating the automation.


Vinay Kamboj

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