Troubleshooting Service Connect

Hello! I have inherited a Service Connect workflow, we upgraded to 10.2.300 and now I am getting the below error:
“Unspecified error: Unknown fatal errors occurred: Failed to execute proxy assembly: This property cannot be set to a null value.”

This happens when APInvoiceImpl.Update is called so I am guessing it’s a field that historically wasn’t necessary but is now. My question is how do you track down the field throwing the error? it’s the first time I have had to deal with a workflow specific error like this.

I’m assuming you reimported your assemblies?

To test, you can use the brute force method of testing the specific assembly and add data to a field at time until the error goes away. Right mouse on the assembly method in Epicor Service Connect and you should have a test menu item in the context menu.

You could also look at a manual trace of an invoice update and take a look at the data being passed in. If you have a copy of your un-upgraded environment then do a trace on that and compare.

You might find there is some information in your documents as well. I tend to look at the text tab of the failing step to hopefully get more detail.

I’m assuming Service Connect Testing got overlooked during your upgrade tests, or are you testing now?


Sadly just this workflow was missed :confounded: sure enough it’s the one that doesn’t work.

I was afraid of the brute force method being necessary, but I didn’t realize you could test the method directly like that, so that’s nice at least.

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Just thought of another way to test and that would be with the the Business logic tester, which can be found in the Utilities directory of your server install.


I have found when changing Epicor versions, that extra fields and or data sets get introduced causing the need to go into each and every ‘conversion’ that is
tied to an Epicor method to make sure there are no blank sections in the mapping – this is not necessary for maps that use the ‘green line’


So your point about the BL tester reminded me we have DMT, I can probably figure it out quickly using DMT and comparing. I will update when I have something. Thank you!

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