Trying to delete a user account or at least the relationship to an employee

I have an employee that is (was) also a user. His job was to be a backup to another person and needed a user account. Now he has moved into a different employee role and is no longer in need of a user account. I’m trying to remove these references between user and employee, but nothing works.
The net result is that he needs to enter a password every time that he logs in to the MES or Data Collection. I’m trying to remove this password requirement.

More info - One thing I did was to create an updateable BAQ on the EmpBasic table. I changed the DcdUserID from something to nothing. That seems to work, but I know that there are other tables with DcdUserID, and I’d like to make sure that there are no issues down the road.

Did you remove the employee link from the Company tab in User Security?

Yes, I did. There isn’t an option to delete (that I could find), so I just cleared out the field and saved it.

That usually fixes that issue in my experience.

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@spkeller I think that is this one in Employee maint.