Trying to unstage a pack, error Workstation not found

Staged a packing slip
need to Unstage, rt-click Stage value, and open it in Stage Ship Confirm
Select the line, and pick Actions > Unstage
But, receive an error Workstation not found.
There’s just one Workstation set up, of type Pack with a warehouse and bin set, and Prompt for weight.
No manifest settings.

How can I unstage the pack?

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You likely do not have a Workstation setup for the current user. You can use “Change Workstation” (found in many places, but depends on your version of E10).

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I assuming you have a workstation selected for the user that is trying to unstage?


It won’t let you unstage unless you have a workstation selected.


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Perfect, thank you. my account has no workstation.

You can assign yourself one from User Account Security Maintenance.