ttAPSelectedRcptLines is empty though DS shows in tracelog

I am triggering off rows slected in APInvoice.InvoiceSelectedLines in a post-processing BPM. When I try and read the data of ttAPSelectedRcptLines, there is no rows. However, in the trace log I can see it returned in the dataset.

Is there a regular nuance to tt Tables being empty? Thanks.

I could be wrong, but I thought that many times the tt tables are empty by post processing. If you need to access info from the tt tables and then execute something post processing method, you can pass the values in a BPM variable from pre to post.

Thanks. I’ll try and find another post on how to pass the data between the two as described.

user created BPM variables are good, you can also use callContextBPMData variables.

I’m worried about looping through rows.

Variable A will be value 1 in row 1
Variable A will be value 2 in row 2.

Not sure if the BPM will fire per row and pass properly?

I think you can create a dataset variable, then you’d cycle off that. I’d need to look to see if that’s a possibility.

Do callContextBPMData variables persist across multiple method calls?

They exist for the life of that specific call.

I need to set a variable based on all that logic that doesn’t exist in that Method I don’t think. In this case it is on the InvoiceHead not the Invoice Dtl. Not sure if I can pass a bool through to set it then?

You could set your bool variable in pre-processing based on whatever logic you need and would be available in pre-processing. Then, your variable value would persist until post processing, where you’d consume it for whatever you’re doing.

I have to change methods. The post-processing of InvoiceSelectedLines does not have tables for the InvoiceHeader.

You could always look up the info with a LINQ query at any point in your process too, depending on what info you do have