Tulip Software Implementation with Epicor


Just wondering if anyone has heard of or implemented some software called Tulip?

Apparently it allows you to easily build Apps for Work Instructions, Production Visibility, Quality Control, Machine Monitoring, Training, Audits, and Lean Manufacturing. Tulip tells me that they have implemented several Epicor integrations. I just wanted to see if I could find someone out there who has implemented Tulip with Epicor to ask some questions about how they set it up to get it working. I will be attending a demo of Tulip in a few days where I will ask more questions about it and the Epicor integrations they have done.

Thank you for any thoughts or help anyone can provide!

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Hi Heather - I will be working something similar soon with Tulip and will reach out as I learn more on my end. Have a great day!

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Hi Ed, that would be great! I will do the same! Thank you for letting me know and any additional information that you find out about it and can share would be much appreciated! I’ll update this thread with the knowledge I can gain from my call with Tulip too. Thanks so much again!!! :slight_smile:

I always ask companies if they can keep up with the cadence (if a company chooses to do so) and if they can work with people in Azure (Epicor SaaS or otherwise).


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Great thoughts Mark! Thank you! I will definitely ask them those questions! :wink: