Turning off Supplier Cross Reference in Order Entry

The cross reference feature is nice, except when you are doing order entry and you are putting in your part master part numbers.
We don’t want the popup causing us to select a part, we already know the part.

Can this be disabled in Sales Order Entry (Kinetic)

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You should only be getting the pop up if your part number is referenced against more than one customer part number and/or internal cross reference.

Do you have some old/bad cross reference data you can clean up?

Agreed, I really dislike this.

I had an issue years ago where a POTF had the same number as a supplier part but they were REALLY different things (a bolt and a truck, I think) and Order Entry would not let us use the POTF; it automatically switched them. I think I posted about that here before.

Yours is different, it is a part master part and not POTF, but no, I don’t think it can be turned off. Our sales people hate this, too.

I want to say this also has come up before here. General advice is ditch the built-in cross-reference system and use UD fields. Yes, that’s not ideal.

Hi, did you ever get a solution to this ?

Biggest change that we did was going into the supplier part list and deleting all part numbers that were identical to the part master.

It would be really helpful to be able to turn of this popup and others on the sales order.
Epicor’s response - “Working as designed”


The thing I wish they would do instead of “working as designed” is actually type out why it was designed that way. Type out the business case that you designed this around instead of saying “working as designed.”

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Unfortunately, this has to do with sample sizes. The demo database is tiny compared to any actual operating company. They can assume that you’ll only have 1 “Box” or “1234”. When in reality, you’ll have cross over from customers. I’m currently dealing with customer cross reference stuff and having to turn it off because it’s confusing users.

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I could add an Ideas topic to ‘Disable Supplier Cross Reference in Order Entry’, but I don’t have any votes left, which is ‘working as designed’ too.

Seems like it’d be simple to add a boolean to Company Config to switch off that logic.