Two AP Invoices, one PO Receipt - in E10

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I know this question has been asked for E9 ( but maybe it has been added to E10 and I just don’t know where to look :slight_smile:

More of an off-the-spur question, but maybe something that someone knows a direct answer to - can I partially receive a purchase order to make it easier for our AP team to match an invoice against?

For example, Supplier X has a 30% down-payment, 70% further payment for Part Y. We pay the 30% (Invoice A) and receive Part Y. Now we pay the 70% (Invoice B). However, when it comes to matching the invoice to the receipt - we can’t do so easily because there are two invoices for one receipt.

Is there any way to do this?



You can do a new unreceived line in AP Invoice entry for the 30% and then
do a invoice/receipt match for the 70% and it will do the matching for you

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You have 2 options

  •    Create an Advanced Billing line in AP Invoice Entry and tie it to the PO/Line for the 30%. Pay that thru Payment Entry. When you do that, you effectively mark the PO/Line with a 30% deposit. When you receive the PO/Line, the system knows that 30% was already paid. It will apply the 30% to the receipt and leave 70% to be matched when you receive the 70% invoice
  •    Create a Deposit Payment for 30% and apply it to the PO. This will show as a debit on the AP Aging. When you receive the PO, invoice it for the full 100%. Apply the 30% debit using Apply Debit Memo. This will leave a balance of 70% which can then be paid whenever.

You really don’t want to receive 30% and 70%.

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