Two Make Direct Releases on 1 Job

Can I get two make direct releases to create a demand link for 1 job through MRP Process?

Epicor sadly does not support this functionality. I should add however, you can use job manager to help show you these conditions or build a dashboard and then manually add another demand link on that job to satisfy the other release, but this isn’t so great if you have 100’s of jobs to modify in this fashion.

E10 either correct? Planner was telling me our consultant told him that it did. We can do this manually, but not through MRP were my thoughts.

i don’t recall them doing this in E10, that would have been a significant modification to the MRP engine and i wasn’t aware that they did that. I do know in 10 they did add some slight enhancements to scheduling for linked jobs etc… but creating MRP suggested jobs with a one to many relationship…nah.