Two shipments, both from same sales order. One will invoice and one will not


I’ve run through all the usual suspects that are defined in KB0044223 and currently support is stumped.

We have two shipments that we are trying to invoice from AR invoice entry. Get Shipments → Manual
Both are from the same sales order.

One was shipped on Feb 23rd and the other today, Feb 26th.
The one from today will invoice and the one from the 23rd will not (I get the “0 invoices created” message).

I’m wondering if anyone hs encountered this and have any ideas outside the usual items.

Were they from the same line? Same Release?

Most of the time when a shipment won’t invoice for us, it’s because the Time & Material box got checked.

Also check: ship complete requirements, combine packers, one invoice per line etc…

And if you don’t select the second shipment, can you then select the the first one, and it makes an invoice?

Finally, what does the Packer Tracker show? Ready to be invoiced, any existing invoices?

Thanks Calvin.

Both shipments share one sales order line.
Shipment 1 has lines 13 and 15. (Won’t invoice)
Shipment 2 has lines 15 and 19. (Will invoice)