UBAQ for custom JobHead field

We have a custom field in the JobHead table, which is basically just some planning notes.

I would like to be able to update this field from a dashboard. My BAQ has a list of job numbers with columns for customer part, quantity completed, etc. When I make it updateable, it automatically checks off the JobAsmbl and JobOper tables (using JonEntry for BO). I don’t need to update those, so I unchecked them for simplicity. I have been using the ICE Tools User Guide but I am getting a whole bunch of errors.

Anyone know what I am doing wrong?




In your screen shot for Object to Query Column Mapping"
the row for JobHead_ProdNotes_c
column .Net Data Type
I wonder why the value “System.String” is followed by a question mark?
Possible anything is wrong with your UD field setup, or db is out of sync?

I wonder why… how did you select you Business Object?
I just made a simple test on JobHead, three fields & it tested OK.
Ref screen shot of Update Processing sheet…

BTW… when things are auto-selected after I choose the BO. Unchecking things tends to bring up Errors similar to your screen shot. If it is the correct BO, I just leave them & then in the related dashboard, I don’t display any unneeded fields.

I followed your advice and it is now working. Thank you!

Edit: I’m going to open this up again…the problem is that because I’m including the JobOper fields, I am now getting a record for each job operation, when I really want to only look at individual jobs.

The problem is that I have a subquery to find the last operation and then pass the start date for that operation to the top level query. Because JobOper is included in the update settings, it forces me to include JobOper as a group by, which means I get a record for every operation on the top level.

Did you get this to work in your dashboard? I’m doing something every similar and I was able to get the BAQ working but nothing happens in my Dashboard. I’m marked it updatable and the field I want to update is still grayed out. I’m trying to update the CommentText field linked to the JobHead.

Did you deploy the dashboard? It has to be an assembly, not a runtime dashboard.

Yes I deployed the dashboard and Yes it’s an Assembly.

did you check the prompt checkbox for the field in the grid?

It would help us help you if you would show some screen shots of your setup, otherwise, we’re just taking shots in the dark here.

Yes. Do I need to fill our anything under the Updatability Tab?

I messed with it some more and have it working now. I had to create a new Dashboard. It wasn’t letting me update the current one. Thanks for the advice!!