uBAQ to change OrderRel.Plant

Trying to make a uBAQ to change the OrderRel.Plant, to be used in a uDashboard.

But the OrderRel.WarehouseCode needs to be updated also. I can make both fields be updatable, but I’d rather that the OrderRel.WarehouseCode just be set to the Plant’s default ship from warehouse (PlantConfCtrl_DefShipWhse). Basically the same functionality that you see when changing the Plant on the Release tab in Order Entry.

Can I do this in the uBAQ? Or must it be addressed in the uDashboard? If it can be done in either, which is “better”?

One more thing… if the Part the is not qty bearing, then the Warehouse needs to be blank.

This will be a little more advanced. I would use a customization here. Once the dashboard is deployed, it can be customized like any other screen. Then the warehouse field can be a EpiCombo filtered by the plant in the other field.


So I need:

  • to have Plant and WarehouseCode as updatable in the uBAQ.
  • Only the Plant will be selected by the user
  • the WarehouseCode will be derived and set in the Dashboard customization
  • the Update process will update both Plant and warehouse at the same time.

Sounds right to me. Both fields should be marked as updatable too.