UD Column Mapping

I have created 2 custom columns. One on the OrderDtl_UD table called RoomReference_c and the other on the OrderRel_UD table called RoomReference_c. Is there a way to make the value for OrderRel_UD → RoomReference_c equal to the OrderDtl_UD → RoomReference_c value?

If it will always be the same, do you need the OrderRel.RoomReference_c?

Yes we still do. We have a configurator where the RoomReference details are entered, that gets brought over to the QuoteDtl and OrderDtl. We needs those details to then be transferred over to the OrderRel as well, as it helps us then enter the RoomNumber_c manually. RoomReference_c could be “A-C” on line 1, then 3 releases would get RoomNumber_c value of “A” on the first release, “B” on the second release, “C” on the third release.

In that case, I don’t think UD Column mapping will work. Your best bet is to create a BPM that will update the releases when your detail line changes on the RoomReference_c field.

Would adding a “like” option to the OrderRel_UD.RoomReference_c that relates to ERP OrderDtl_UD and column RoomReference_c allow it to work?

No, that controls what the data is like (Open With…)

So if you had a ud field in another table that was an order number, you could do Like OrderHed.OrderNum and then when you right click on it, the open with would be the sales order choices.

Any recommendations on how to setup a BPM to do something like this?

Can you link a column to a field value rather than a column value? Would that be doable?

I would trace the process. I’m not that familiar with the Configurator and how that works with Quotes and Orders. If you could run the trace then you could do a method directive on that business object and push out the value of the added/updated RoomReference_c to the releases on that order.