UD Column Referencing Standard Table

This should be an easy one, however, the solution eludes me;
I have added a UD column called VendorNum_c to the PartLot table and set the like to be ‘ERP.Vendor’ field ‘VendorNum’. What I would like is to have a field on the Lot Number Entry form that the user enters the vendor name, similar to how it works in the part setup for PartPlant (site) default suppliers. If I look at the binding on the part setup form, it looks like there is a custom field that the supplier is bound to, anyone have an example of how to do this with an existing standard data source?

Hey Andrew - Are you trying to get the context menu working for your custom field? If so, in the Like property, all you need is ‘Vendor.VendorNum’. You do not have to specify ‘ERP.Vendor’.

What I’m trying to work out is, similar to how the data source for PartPlant has a ‘calculated’ field VendorNumVendorID, which is from the Vendor table (joined as Vendor.VendorNum = PartPlant.VendorNum), if I want to join the vendor table to the PartLot table to extend the data source used in Lot Number Entry and be able to bind a field to it, how do I do this? Do I create a new data source and change all the current bindings for all current controls to the new data source or is there a better way to do this?

You should be able to create a Foreign Key View to get the PartLot table and all the associated fields with it. From there you should be able to bind that new DataView into the form.