UD Columns - Does Seq num matter?

Hi guys,

I imported a solution workbench file to add dozens of UD fields across 6 tables. This duplicated the sequence numbers on many fields. (i.e. there’s now two Seq 9’s, and 10’s, etc…).

Does this matter? Do I need to resequence and regen the db, or ok to leave as is? We’re on 10.2.500 if that matters.


Check the data dictionary to see what the description for that field is. Use the windows help file of the it that @hkeric.wci posted. You can search a field name and find where it might be referenced in other tables.

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I’ve had several tables the same way. I’ve never seen it cause an issue. I think the Seq is mainly used for ordering lists (baq designer maybe?) . I haven’t really dug into it since ERP doesn’t complain about duplicates. I usually just manually reorder them unless it’s a major task to update.

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Thanks @Doug.C and @ckrusen! I need to look at the Schema more too. Thanks @hkeric.wci for making it.