UD Field in DMT not being filled in

Trying to import a new operation via a DMT. The DMT includes a UD field called ShortChar01. For some reason, the field remains blank after import (all stock fields import fine).

This UD field called ShortChar01 and is connected to the PartOpr table. This field is viewable in the DMT template and I have regenerated the data model (table and data model are in sync). I have turned off all method directives and data directives connected to engineering and the parts tables.

I’m stuck. Any suggestions on what else to try to get this field to import via DMT?

Does the Template show which table the field is for? Like the Combo Order fields are named OrderDtl#OrderNum so you an specify which table when multiple tables have the same field name.

Does the field description in the template exactly match the one in UD Ext column maintenance? Just making sure that its the “ShortChar01” that you think it is.

Maybe it’s a bug where UD fields are expected to have a “_c” suffix. But creating ones that overlapped with old V8 user fields (Number01 …20, Date01, etc…) don’t require that.

  1. No, it is not like the combo order field. The template just lists the file without any reference to a table.

  2. The field description does match the UD Ext Column Maintenance (ShortChar01).

  3. Possible on the old UD field naming. Maybe I should create a new UD field (do I have to manually add that _c suffix that you reference?)