UD Field on ReqDetail to JobMtl MtlBurRate

Hello. I am in need of linking a custom field to the JobMtl table. I have created a UD Field on the Req Detail Table and have tried to create a BPM to send the data to the MtlBurRate field on the JobMtl Table. I am on version I tried Epicor Support but they stated it was beyond their knowledge. I am not very good with Epicor programming, but have written BAQs and reports for it. Any help you can give will be appreciated.

Hello, Scott. To clarify and correct me if I’m wrong: you have a UD field on ReqDetail, and at some point when the requisition is processed, you want this to update the MtlBurRate on the JobMtl table for a particular job.
How are your requisition and job related?

You will need some sort of customization in order to make this work. Are you comfortable getting your hands dirty on this, or do you have someone on your team who will be doing this? I’ll be happy to make some suggestions, but we’ll need a common starting point.

Possibly the approach to solve this problem will be to create a service connection in a BPM Method directive on some method on the Req BO that gets the JobMtl record in question, then updates the field required. However, that depends on a handful of things.

Correct. I want the UD field to autopopulate the MtlBurRate field after the PO Suggestions runs. Currently we are using 2 different methods to purchase materials. If they are not Job related, then they do a Requisition. If they are job related and need to add markup to the material for billing, then they add material lines to the job. I would like them to use only Requisitions to order materials. We have tried to use Cost plus to add the markup, but it adds the markup to the entire invoice. So, then next attempt would be to add the markup_c UD field to Req Detail (which has been done) and then have the PO Suggestions pull this field when all the other fields are pulled and then fill MtlBurRate with that data. I have done some minor BPMs, so I understand a little when it comes to creating them. Thanks for your reply and help. I really appreciate it.

Scott, I think I follow. What I might do in this situation is put a post-processing directive on the method that generates the PO from the job-related requisition (is this POSugg.Generate()? I haven’t confirmed this). I would make some code fire in a BPM foreach SugPoDtl where JobNum > 0 and Markup_c > 0. Then, I would call code to set the MtlBurRate on the appropriate record. In terms of how to do that, I recommend running a trace and performing the exact changes you want to see in the front end. Then, your trace will show you all of the business objects and data you want to pass in to those method calls so that this can happen in your BPM.

I hope this helps.

It looks like it is using BO.POSuggImpl Methods: PartIsRunOut, CheckBuyers, Generate. During Check Buyers it is passing parameter names poForOtherBuyer, sugglist, opCurBuyer, and opBuyerName.