UD Field to store a time (i.e. 8:00 PM) - any suggestions on what data type to make it?

Going to make a field to store dock hours for shipping and it will be used in a rest call to a TMS system to show up on the BOL forms and booking calls…

Any suggestions on what data type to make this in epicor from any of you experienced programmers?

I’ll start with 1st suggestion. I kind of like decimal hh.mm like payroll does 16.50 (4:30 PM). C# and SQL has plenty of helper methods to convert it to human readable time, vise versa.

Second, does Epicor support time type? If I recall its supported in SQL.

I see it’s in SQL, but not in the dropdown that Epicor provides.

I see they use int for their systime so I did that. I might want to change it. I should have thought of the decimal… My mind is not 100% right now. Been reading back through the scheduling tech ref guide.

Thanks man.