UD fields in Mobile CRM

Please help in publishing UD fields in Mobile CRM entities. There were some customized fields in Epicor ERP and want to publish them in Mobile CRM, but there is no help regarding this. Could anyone help in publishing it in Mobile CRM.
Epicor version is E10.2.500

Welcome @brijen!!

Mobile CRM is a little tricky and there a few us on here that can offer support. See the attached doc for a basic explanation on how it’s done.

Note - the first section shows the current list of customizable BAQs.
For example - Customer Contacts cannot be modified at this point.

Mobile CRM UD Fields.docx (138.1 KB)

I agree with Mike’s document. Also note that the UD fields only show as text boxes. So if you have UserCodes assigned to a drop down in Extended Properties, they will not show.

Thanks Mike :slight_smile:
I will try on your doc, thanks for sharing.

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