UD Table 100 Blank Title 93098

I have a user defined module created by utilizing the "UD100" table. Basically
the UD100.Key1 field is equivalent to a corresponding "EmpID" value in the
employee master. What I need to do is: When a supervisor launches the "UD100"
program, I need to verify that the supervisor is only able to pull up records
where their "SupervisorID" is the correct Supervisor for the "UDKey1" (again the
value in the "UDKey1" is equivalent to an "EmpID" field in
the employee master). So I guess before pulling up the record, I need to verify
that the current user is indeed the supervisor of the employee in "UD01.Key1"
(EmpBasic.EmpID). Any thoughts? Hope this makes sense & thanks for your help.


Dustin Biniek

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